More about the Trappco App solution

At Trappco we believe in providing our customers with what they want, not what we think they want, which is why we have worked tirelessly to perfect a solution that is both powerful and flexible. In the two years since its inception, the Trappco App solution has matured into a comprehensive productivity tool, designed to automate your existing on-site paper workflow. Initially aimed at construction site managers facing more and more procedural documentation, it quickly became apparent that our App Solution is a "must have" for anyone facing the daily task of completing and authorising check lists, handover sheets or inspection certificates to name but a few. "So what?" you might say...."seen it all before!"...well we have several differentiators that stand us apart from the rest.

  • Firstly, and most importantly, we use your document layout and text content to create templates, so the resulting PDF produced by the App looks like your document, we do not force you to choose from a standard library of templates.
  • Secondly, the App interface can capture authorising signatures in real time which automatically gives your documents a powerful new auditable history.
  • Finally, if you want to associate a number images or photos with your document, no problem!...our App solution will embed them permanently in the final PDF document, so no more stapling print outs of images to your documents.


If you have a team of people working at a remote location, or you are an individual carrying out inspection work at many different locations, contact us today to start your free trial and find out how you can benefit from a Trappco App solution.