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Some interesting findings from a 2016 survey carried out by Adobe
into how paperwork is affecting productivity

Adobe-Document-Drain-Survey-Page-22-Top-ImageTrappco - The Trade App Company

"Re-imagining administrative processes through apps, digital documents, and other technologies provides the opportunity for companies to transform the experience for employees and customers alike -- and ultimately is an investment in future growth and success".

John Travis, vice president of EMEA marketing at Adobe
Adobe-Document-Drain-Survey-Page-20-Top-ImageAdobe-Document-Drain-Survey Trappco - The Trade App Company

"Today’s findings are a big wake-up call for businesses across Europe. Outdated processes are draining employee productivity and morale -- potentially leading to a loss of revenue and a poor customer experience"

John Travis, vice president of EMEA marketing at Adobe
September 15, 2017

The Trappco App Solution

The Trappco App Solution | Trappco Ltd So, what does our App do and how does it work? Essentially it is a very simple solution to […]
September 8, 2017

Online Article – Extranet Evolution

We’ve been mentioned in an online article by Paul Wilkinson of – check it out here – Many thanks Paul for your kind words!
September 8, 2017

On-site Paperwork

On-site Paperwork | Trappco Ltd Remember the ideals of the “paperless revolution” that promised us a world of nothing but electronic documents? In reality we are […]
September 3, 2017

Blog Posts coming soon from Trappco Ltd

Stay tuned for these forthcoming blog posts: 1) On-site Paperwork  –  Friday 8th September 2) The Trappco App  –  Friday 15th September 3) BIM Solution  –  […]