Off-the-shelf vs Tailored Apps

Off-the-shelf vs Tailored Apps |Trappco Ltd

They say you should always be positive when selling to your audience so…..ignoring that completely, let me tell you what the Trappco App solution isn’t! It isn’t an “off-the-shelf”, mass distributed, 79p App from the Apple App store! Instead it is a tailored solution built around your needs.

When looking for a Mobile App, as with any business software, it is easy to be seduced by the seemingly low price tag often associated with the off-the-shelf solutions. They are cheap for the reason that they are designed to meet the needs of many and whilst they can be very powerful and feature rich, there are no packages out there that will do everything you need. This leads to the risk that you will need to spend more on upgrades or add-ons or even replace it with something new as your business evolves.

Other attractions of the off-the-shelf solution is the speed of implementation and almost instant access to lots of shiny bells and whistles. However be careful not to be taken in by the host of fancy features on offer at the expense of the basic essentials.

Of course the very words “Tailored” or “Custom” immediately invoke an expectation of higher cost but check out our Get Started page because I truly believe that a tailored App solution, whilst it may come at a price, can allow for much closer integration with legacy systems and services, and fulfill your unique requirements.

In the simplest way, this is at the heart of Trappco’s core message where we guarantee to incorporate your existing documents and not force you to use a generic library of templates often found in off-the-shelf solutions. After all, the last thing you want is to have to change the way you do things to suit your choice of Mobile App.

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