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Remember the ideals of the “paperless revolution” that promised us a world of nothing but electronic documents? In reality we are still only part of the way there. Yes, we have all created digital versions of our paper documents and with recent improvements in mobile applications such as Office 365, we can edit the cells in a spreadsheet away from our desks on iOS or Android. However research suggests that this is still considered cumbersome and time consuming so what we end up doing is printing them out onto paper, clipping Trappco Paperwork Blog - www.trappco.co.ukthem to a board and ticking then with a pen!

Whether you run a small to medium sized construction company or you are a self employed, domestic gas or electrical safety inspector, a university campus accommodation inspector or health and safety officer, you will have dozens of such documents to complete on a daily basis.

From Scope of Works and Handover Sheets to H & S checklists, doubtless many of you will have built your library up over the years, personalising each document with your company logo and more importantly populating them with a list of questions that you and your employees are now familiar with.

Your documents probably look something like this mock-up, containing project specific information, a series of Yes/No/NA questions, date and signature boxes.

Consider how much easier life would be if you had a mobile App interface like the one below, to complete this document automatically…

…with a Trappco App solution, you can.

Thanks for reading.

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