Trappco Provide The FIS With “Paper to Data” App Solution

Trappco Provide The FIS With “Paper to Data” App Solution

Whilst exhibiting at the FIS annual conference 2017, I was approached by Technical Director Joe Cilia to discuss providing him and his team with one of our bespoke Mobile App solutions. Joe had been following our recent successful deployment of such a solution in to Taylor Hart Ltd, a revered FIS member for many years. Impressed at how our solution helped to automate the completion of Taylor Hart’s own on-site paperwork, Joe set us the challenge of automating his FIS membership, On Going Vetting (OGV) form, very much a time consuming, manual process up to now.

The Brief

Under the rules of The FIS membership, each member must undergo regular vetting to ensure they meet membership criteria. Before the deployment of their new Trappco App, the FIS Admin team would email (or post) the OGV form to each member as their assessment date approached, along with a request to partially complete and return it prior to assessment. This physical paper document was then taken to site by the FIS Assessor and on completion the forms were returned to the office for processing. Whilst this sounds relatively simple, managing the “to and fro” nature of the information between the FIS and its some 300 plus contractor members, using paper and spreadsheets, needed a considerable amount of organisation.

The Solution

The FIS OVG App solution simplifies and automates this entire process, utilising two quite different user front-ends interacting with and updating the same data source.

The Admin interface

The FIS admin team are presented with this simple, single page “dashboard” configuration to track the status of the assessment from request and submission of information to and from each Member, to the on-site completion and subsequent creation of the final OGV form in PDF format. Furthermore, the solution provides the Assessor with the ability, whilst on site, to embed photographic evidence of his/her findings and digital signatures into the OGV form, something not possible before. Finally for the bells and whistles, at the tap of a button the App will even produce a PDF of the Member’s new certificate.

The Member’s experience

From either desktop or mobile device, each FIS Member is granted temporary access, via an email link, to this simple online “form fill” interface. With the use of a unique password they complete the relevant information confident in the knowledge that their data will be submitted safely and securely.


Joe’s thoughts……

Transitioning from ‘Paper to Data’ can seem daunting especially where change comes with a natural resistance. By taking our existing documents and, via a simple mobile app interface, turning them into electronic pages that look exactly the same, Trappco has helped us make that transition and streamline the whole process from end to end.”        Joe Cilia – Technical Director for the FIS

Discount for FIS members

Contact us now to see how you can benefit from being a current member of the FIS when you implement one of our solutions. Either call the FIS team on 01217070077 and ask for more details, visit our website at or call Richard on 07854149535.